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IC Contact / Appointments post
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((OOC: State a date and a relative time on when your character wants to interact with him! Thanks!))

4th Caning // [ACTION] // Garden, Garden, Garden!
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[Somewhere around House 55 (which is mysteriously unapproachable by most people due to a bit of help from Helios) is a humanoid rat working on his garden. It isn't too big, it isn't too small, but it's just the right size.

In it grows lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, and carrots, as well as other vegetables. There are also strawberry plants and a single watermelon plant. Not all of them are producing fruit at the moment, but most are.

Splinter is humming old Japanese folk songs as he works. Sometimes, his is joined by one of his sons. All in all, despite the losses of two sons that he's gone through recently, the rat seems to be doing okay.]

((OOC: Be forewarned: your character may also be tagged by Don or Leo.))

3rd Caning // ["Accidental" Voice -- See OOC Note] // A Father's Worry....
worried, my son...., come back to us
[Splinter is turning the pages of his journal slowly, looking and listening for any sight or sound of Raphael. Eventually, he hesitates, and flips back to the first page to start at the beginning. Perhaps he's missed something...

Splinter reaches out and smooths his hand across the journal in a gesture that activates the voice recording without realizing it. It is because of his ineptitude that the emotion and worry can be heard in his voice:]

Raphael... Where are you, my son?

[There is silence again for a long moment, and the sound of gently flipping pages can be heard. Eventually, it times out.]

((OOC: This is an accidental audio on Splinter's part, but isn't an accidental audio in terms of the Nitpicker's Guide. He DID touch the voice post button by accident (even though Don's showed him eleventy bajillion times how to use it), so playback is available. Hope that clears any confusion.

And he'll be replying to people that aren't his sons once I realize how he's going to react to being overheard on the journals. Once that gets played out a bit more, I'll be able to reply to others.))

2nd Caning // [ACTION with Family] // Training Get! [BACKDATED TO THE 19TH]
the most important thing..., lecture, remember that...
[As always, Splinter wakes up early. The smells and sights are still strange, but Splinter has reoriented himself. Through the course of the morning, he sees each of his sons in turn to train and access their progress.

Leonardo is the first to rise after him. It is a good thing he's been keeping up his training.

His second stop is the room shared by Michelangelo and Raphael, where he wakes the latter to go... shopping for a necessary item for the entire family to use. And use it they do.

Then, he wakes up Donatello to see his progress. He has Raphael to thank for not being so out of shape.

Finally, he wakes up his last son, Michelangelo, who has been away for the shortest length of time and has an unfair advantage on his brothers.]

((OOC: I know I owe some tags. Plan on catching up tomorrow! Been busy with a new dog. 8D))

1st Caning // [ACTION] // Enter the Rat
bad ending storytime, sitting all serious, serious meditation
[Where was he? Where were his sons? Splinter woke up in a strange place with strange smells wearing strange white pants. It wasn't home. It wasn't Northampton.

When he stood, his balance was off. Slightly, not much, but enough. His back was wrong. There were things growing out of it, two, sensitive to the touch. They felt like wings, but they made no sense. He was a rat, not an Avian, and the wings were too small for flying.

Already on edge from everything else, it only made him stick to the shadows of the forest more. He did not like the exposure. It was too dangerous, this place, this place unknown to him.

Where were his sons?

Eventually, he hears the sounds of what might be civilization. Coming closer will carry the risk of exposure, but he knows that he must find his bearings, find landmarks, find home.

And so begins Splinter's time in Luceti as he sticks to the shadows like some sort of creepy old stalker.]

((OOC: Sorry for those that want to ambush him over the network! He will have a fail!post eventually, promise. He's just going to be creepy and observe. Unless you're good enough to sense a master ninja, or he decides to get information from your character. No promises on what he'll do--he's kinda paranoid right now.))

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